Friday, December 28, 2007

Excuses excuses

I already talked about how hard it's been to get a mailbox and the same crap is still going on - KB points the finger at the post office and the post office points one right back at KB.

The real kick in the mailbox situation is that they have put in mailboxes about 1/2 a block from our house. We thought ours would be part of it. Nope! Those are apparently for homes they have not even built yet! It didn't occur to anyone that people living in their houses already might like a mailbox.

I gave up arguing with our sales person (she has her commission, what does she care?) I called the local KB main office, asked for the person that deals with mailboxes, and let's just say I think Dan wasn't very happy he picked up the phone. He had an excuse for everything. "The post office put those boxes in so I'm not sure why you don't have a mailbox in there. Oh wait - we put those in? We're just working through a list and reviewing all the slabs and posts that have been put in. Oh wait - you don't have a slab or post yet?"

It just went on and on.

At least now I have the name of someone who I can bug repeatedly and become the squeaky wheel in his day. Bet he's gonna be sorry he gave me his direct line and email address.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We should have been more specific in our prayers

We have a mailbox.

We don't have a key.

Apparently the key will take another week.

Our mailman asked us if we wanted him to start delivering mail to it.

My response "Um. No (you moron - that part stayed in my head). We'd prefer our mail not sit in there for a week + while you guys figure out how to get the keys ready."

So for now...more trips to the mailbox.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No mailbox yet

Who knew getting a mailbox was going to be harder than getting a house? We're going on 32 days in the house, and all we have is a slab down the street where the mailbox will go. Our community has the big group boxes at the end of each block instead of the individual ones. I'm fine with that. But I just want a mailbox.

The post office says it's KB's fault.
KB blames the post office.

Apparently ordering the box was very low on their list of priorities. I guess they think we just love going to the post office to pick up our mail on a regular basis. Who wouldn't love multiple trips to the post office right before Christmas?