Sunday, August 26, 2007

The house is coming along!

We went out there on Saturday, and much to our surprise they had done the stucco and all the drywall was up. We also looked around other houses on our block, and other than the house next door, the other six or seven are all smaller. So we're going to look like the big house on the corner!

The view from the master bedroom window.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The progress so far

We went out to see the house yesterday (August 5th) to see how things are going. We still have the big ol' moat in front of it but unfortunately they didn't include a drawbridge as one of our options. We were told that the giant moat that runs the length of the block and then some will be filled this week. It was dug almost three weeks ago to house the utility lines but they haven't been able to get it filled back up. That's why very little has been done at the house since they dug it - the contractors can't bring any supplies in to finish the next steps. We did walk the house and inspect the location of all the electrical outlets (which we needed to do anyway). As soon as the moat is filled, they will start the insulation and dry wall. At that point, we'll have a final date for the closing.